Thursday, June 17, 2010

Module 1 Walden 7108

Apple has come out with a bigger version of the Ipod called the Ipad this year, it has generated a lot of buzz on we are going to use computers in the future. The Ipad is a handheld device with full computing power and a touchscreen. I think in years to come this new technology will greatly impact k-12. This is a device that can be used by students as well as teachers, designers are making apps to link the Ipad, for example at a recent convention designer found a way to put 9 Ipads together to make a workable slot machine.
The challenges that I forsee is cost. As with any new technology when it first comes out the product is expensive and school districts may not want to invest in a product that is that new. I also see that since this product is one piece how are school districts going to handle replacing the unit if its broken. By being up on current technology the school system helps educate students for the future. If you don’t integrate technology in the classroom your doing your students a great disservice to them by not providing them the education that will help them in future endeavors.


  1. Shauna,
    You are quite right it is a disservice to not provide students with an technologically integrated curriculum. I share your concerns with replacing the broken ipad system and believe me if it can be broken, students will find a way. The possibilities for this new technology are limitless and I look forward to seeing how educators will utilize them in the future.

  2. Interesting! :-)

    The iPad and the new competing technologies smartphones, tablets, and netbooks are opening up a whole new world of information availability. With the 3G and 4G mobile phone networks available on these devices online access from anywhere and anytime is a reality.

    Not only is internet access anywhere important, but the ability to download, for future use, untold numbers of books on any topic is unbelievable. There are a number of sites that provide free downloads of books, but a site like Google Books, and Barnes & Noble have almost any book available for download.

    A lot of colleges are making their textbooks available online also.

    Ginger Harper

  3. Shauna,

    iPad is a fascinating and attractive device in terms of both ergonomic simplicity and applicational vivacity. Reviews are galore with the positives, negatives, and expletives! It appears the hype around the device is trumping its true usability in the real-world. Is it a device to own because there is nothing like it or is there genuine potential for how we think, work, and play, and if time allows, rest? I found a rather rivetting review at

    Aside from price, what do you see are a few of the current limitations in terms of usability and availability of applications? Do you see the iPad in use for collaboration among students?

    Just thinking!

    David Abraham

  4. I just got an iPad and it is not much different that the iPod touch or iPhone. The aps are cool, but the cost is something to consider. If you go with the WIFI/3G version, you can easily spend $800. Then add the service fee for the 3G and it will add up. I tried to respond to the discussion board on Walden's site and it was a problem posting responses. It could be the user, but I will let you know about the progress I make on that problem. It is great as a reader for the Kindle and Nook aps.