Thursday, August 12, 2010

Module 4 Red Queens and Increasing Returns

I chose to view Total Recall because this used to be my favorite movie when I was a child. I viewed it using my Netflix rental. At the beginning of the summer Netflix sent me a DVD that could be used on my WII to be able to watch video on demand. I really liked this added feature. I chose Netflix because I have a hard time turning things back in on time and late fees always killed me. So I liked the idea of still being able to watch movies at home even when I have DVDs out.

I think the popularity of video on demand comes from people wanting instant gratification. All you have to do is order a movie from Netflix or your cable company and you can instantly watch a movie. No more driving to the movie store and hoping the video is there and worrying about when you have to return it.

I have also seen an increase on movie kiosk at stores where you can get a $1 a day movie. Movie rental stores fees have gone up and places like Netflix and $1 a day rentals are becoming more popular.


  1. Shauna, I am like you when it comes to returning videos on time. I think I have has some for a couple of months and still haven't watched them. I also think having instant access to movies is one of the reasons Netflix has become so popular. You didn't really say whether you thought it was a Red Queen on Increasing Return.

  2. Shauna,

    It is interesting that you rented Total Recall from Netflix as a DVD to use on your Wii. Did you have the option to stream it to you PC or TV? Which experience would you have preferred considering the “instant gratification” component?

    Yes, I, too, have seen video rental kiosks mushrooming in numerous locations. They are becoming the dollar stores for movies! I think the time when these kiosks provide “instant” download to a jump drive or, for an additional fee, burn a DVD for personal use with built in DRM features.

    Do you see an overlap between the forces of Increasing Returns and Red Queens?



  3. Shauna, I too used Netflix to rent my movie for this class but I had it streamed to my computer. This was the first time I'd used this feature and thought it was awesome. The $1 a day rentals are indeed becoming very popular. Do you think that this will cause other movie vendors to lower their prices?

  4. I think that movies on demand and Netflix are increasing returns because they are forcing movie stores like Blockbuster (physical stores) and Movie Gallery out of business because of the easy access. I like watching movies using the Wii because I like watching movies on a bigger screen.

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  6. Hi Shauna,

    I did not know that you could watch a movie using your Wii. Thank you for sharing. My family will definitely have to try watching our next family movie night on the Wii!

    I agree with you about the DVD and video on demand as increasing returns.

    Great Post!